Online & On-Site Yoga Teacher Training helps to make you an optimistic person. 

Yoga is a pathway to positive changes in body and mind. Nowadays, people practice yoga because they have a specific transformation in mind, making them feel good. So as the outcome is beneficial, we experience a more positive state of body and mind afterward. 

For a beginning, you need to learn about yoga asana and philosophy. But you don't know where to start. You are not sure if an online or onsite Yoga teacher training is the right fit for you? Then maybe this article can help you to make an informed decision.  

In this article, we are going to speak about:

1. The benefits you get from both Online Yoga Training Courses and On-Site Yoga Training Courses.

2. How Yoga Training will impact your life 

3. The essential qualities of a yoga instructor

4. The best health benefits of yoga

We have access to information 24 hours, seven days a week. The internet allows us to be up to date all the time; we can order food to our doorstep; we can shop for clothes online; we don't have to leave the house if we would like to meet our friends; we have the chance to connect with people from all over the world. All these achievements are outstanding, and they make our lives more comfortable in many ways.

But what about health-related topics? There is so much information and so many fitness courses online that promise you to become healthy and fit; you quickly get lost and end up lying on your back and looking at your cell phone screen, not doing anything. No matter which course you finally choose, either with an Online Yoga School or an In-Person Yoga Teacher Training, you have to get active. I mean, you wouldn't expect any health benefits if you have just purchased a treadmill and are not running on it, right?

One important fact you need to know is whether online or On-Site Yoga Course to become a certified Yoga teacher, you have to attend and complete a 200 h Yoga teacher training. So allow us to explain the advantages of both Online Yoga Courses and In-Person Yoga Courses. 


Benefits Of Attending On-Site Yoga Training Courses

The traditional strategy to learn yoga is by living with and learning from your teacher, and only On-site Yoga Teacher Training allows this. 

~ Yoga is for everybody, and there are plenty of asanas. However, to get a double advantage, you should choose the poses your body needs at a particular time. The In-person Yoga Training can assist you with excellently understanding your body physics. The teachers can more easily adapt to your individual needs and help you understand the fundamentals of the yoga asana practice. 

~ Today, most of the world is run on the internet and works worldwide. That's why our daily routine is so heavy. In this case, your mind & body need to keep healthy. Yoga is beneficial. 

~ Yoga is one of the Indian spiritual approaches to keep up body and mind healthy. Fundamentally, you need to be familiar with the asanas well and know how to perform them safely. When not practiced in the right way and under the guidance of an experienced Yoga Teacher you risk injuring yourself and this positive activity causes you more harm than benefit.  If you can afford to hire a yoga educator at your place, go for it, although you will get the most affordable On-Site Yoga Training from Ananadamyogaschool.

~ Another important benefit of the In-Person Yoga Course is the relationship built between the teacher and the student. This connection must be based on trust and is more deep when you practice together in person, rather than online. This connection is very important because the teacher or guru is the person who takes you from the darkness to the light, which is the primary goal of Yoga. In the In-Person Teacher Training, your teacher will always have your back, support you and guide you back into the light if you are leading yourself in the wrong direction. Also, the connections you build with fellow yoginis and yogis will accompany you on your path.

~ In face-to-face Yoga Teacher Training, you will implement the Yoga philosophy into your daily routine under the guidance of your teacher. This helps you to continue later this fundamental practice of yoga in your life back home. 

If an In-Person Yoga Course seems the right fit for you and you are located in Bali, or you would like to visit this magical island, you can come and practice with us in our – 200 h Bali Yoga Teacher Training Course


Benefits Of Attending Online Yoga Training Courses

It offers various advantages. They are: 

1. Affordable: On the website www.anandamyogaschool.com, you can explore affordable Online Yoga Training Courses details along with a price. You can start for trial 50 Hours Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training 

2. Self-paced learning allows people to access course materials at their time and schedule. These materials minimize your wasted time and promote greater efficiency.  

3. Remove the classroom limitations. Learning can happen anytime, anywhere at Anandamyogaschool! Our trainers and staff know that authentic learning comes when a learner is free to explore. That's why we give learners the freedom to learn from wherever they are to experience unbound potential. You aren't limited by geography at our online Anandamyogaschool training, no matter your country or time zone.  

4. You can learn from the comfort of your home. You can still get the traditional Yoga knowledge from the capital of Yoga, Rishikesh, without having to travel there, which saves money and protects our environment.

How does Yoga Training impact your life?

Above, we stated the benefits you will get from online yoga courses and on-site yoga training. However, both approaches have one thing in common: It helps improve your body and mind & to move toward a healthy lifestyle. 

It ultimately depends on your preferences and working schedule. Suppose you want to connect with nature's greenery and bluish atmosphere, join a positive community that inspires you toward your physical and mental health & wellness, adopt discipline, and taste an authentic meal. In that case, you should join an On-Site training.

Yoga is a meditative technique more than a physical workout. If your life is too busy, you need to improve your body's health, improve your immunity naturally, add a mental piece of strength & increase your workability. In that case, you can start a home practice by subscribing to one of our online Yoga Training sessions.

What essential qualities must one have with a yoga instructor?

A decent yoga instructor has a couple of essential qualities, which you will find in Anandamyogaschool:

1. Profound Yoga knowledge

2. Be inspiration and a role-model

3. Be free of Ego 

4. Always keen to enhance the knowledge

5. Patient and motivational

6. Generosity and kindness

7. Follow the traditional path and include modern approaches

8. Implement the Yogic philosophy in one's own life

9. Maintain a regular practice of Yoga

The above frame portrays the character of our yoga teachers available for you at www.anandamyogaschool.com. 

What are the best health benefits of yoga?

Shortly the accompanying features will define some health benefits of yoga:

Heart Health is Better In People Who Perform Yoga 

Performing yoga routinely decreases strain and builds your understanding, further developing your heart's physical health. Medical problems that can harm your heart's fitness, including high blood pressure, can likewise be treated through yoga.

Your Energy Level Is Boosted If You Perform Yoga Regularly 

Performing yoga consistently helps to increase your energy levels, both intellectually and physically. Performing yoga can diminish the negative energies and permit you to be content and tranquil. 

Yoga Makes People Flexible, And Strong Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually

With daily yoga practice, you will observe changes gradually: 

~ Development of  mental clarity and calmness

~ Increase of body awareness

~ Relief of chronic stress patterns 

~ Relaxation of the mind

~ It centers attention & Sharpens concentration

The spiritual aspect of yoga can help yogis to develop an integration of the inner being and oneness with the Supreme Consciousness.

Diminishes the Digestive Problems 

If you perform yoga consistently, it empowers you to discover balance in your digestive system. In addition, different yoga asanas can reduce digestive problems like constipation, irritable bowel disease, and ulcer. 


A standard yoga style helps to focus on improving strength, gaining stamina, and energizing you. In addition, it can help you feel the mind and bodywork together. All these benefits you will get if you practice under the proper guidance. Everyone can benefit from attending yoga classes. Yoga classes increase fitness, improve flexibility and general health, and help to reduce stress and frustration. AnanadamYogaSchool serves world-class yoga training in both modes: Online & On-Site at a very affordable cost that anyone can start.