Intuitive Eating – Let your body guide you

Think about a toddler. How do toddlers eat?

Toddlers are natural intuitive eaters. If you let a toddlers eat without any interference, they will eat what they need when given free access to food. They have an innate wisdom of food, free from societal messages about food intake and body image.

They simply listen to the signals of their bodies.

Every one of us is born with this innate ability to regulate our eating according to what our bodies need. But in our health-conscious society we are bombarded with nutrition advice and weight messages from social media, commercials and health professionals with the result that we stop to trust our own body. We unlearn the ability to eat intuitively.

But the good news is that the natural intuitive eating ability is not lost, it has just been suppressed.

► Let me help you to awake the intuitive eater within you.

► Let me help you to loosen the pressure against society’s myth of dieting and the distorted body worship.

► Let me help you to find a way of eating completely free of external sources, but 100 % relying on your internals cues and signals, honouring hunger, respecting fullness, making food choices without experiencing guilt and enjoying the pleasure of eating.


How does this work?

~ It all starts with a free discovery call. In this free consultation, that lasts about 30 minutes. Here I get a more detailed picture of your current situation and I find out how I can help you.

~ In the second session (30-60 minutes), I will present you with an individualized plan and in this conversation you should decide if you would like to work with me or not.

~ After that our work together starts. We will work on dissolving food and body image beliefs you built up over your lifetime and you will learn techniques on how to reconnect with your body and its signals.

~ I’m based in Bali at the moment, so most of my sessions are happening online. We meet regularly on agreed dates live via video conference and you can do everything from the comfort of your home. If you live in Bali and would prefer to meet me face-to-face, I’m looking forward to welcome you at my place.

~ I will send you all documents, worksheets and step-by-step instructions with detailed explanations, so that you can prepare and follow-up on your consultation session and note down any open questions.


How long does it take?

~ The length varies from person to person. It really depends on how deeply rooted your false beliefs around the topic eating are. Usually it takes about 10 sessions and the time really depends on how dedicated you are to work on finding food freedom.


How much does it cost?

~ The price of the holistic nutritional counseling is quite individual as well. It is calculated based on the duration and number of counseling hours. I create an individual roadmap for each client depending on their starting point.

~ Please note that the nutritional counseling, the way I do it requires your life-style to change. I don’t make any false promises and or give you any quick fixes. If you decide to work with me it requires your time, motivation and dedication. It is an investment in your mental and physical well-being.

Let’s find your way to reconnect with your innate food wisdom together!