What students say about us?
Eduardo S Foques

"Iā€™m very thankful to Sandeep Atri. I have never practiced Ashtanga Vinyiasa before and I loved it. His classes were great and very challenging... that was a great experience. More than just a great yoga teacher, Sandeep is also a great person.We have had great times together. We laughed a lot and shared many positive moments during that period. A very humble a heart and a person full of positive energy. I give my best recommendations for his classes."


I was in a search for an ashram that would give me something specific. I checked many ashrams until I found Rishikesh Yogi Ashram, I just had a feeling that this is the right one for me and I wasn't wrong. Sandeep welcomed me nicely and I told him that I came for the Silent Meditation Retreat and I am in search of something. He told me all I needed and a day after I came and started the retreat. After the retreat I felt so good in every aspect, physically and mentally so I decided to stay for another week to do the Yoga retreat. Sandeep is very nice, professional, wise and understanding person. If you have any query or situation, he will help you and when it comes to the Asanas he is very strict and will push you until your body breaks, but you will make the Asana properly eventually. Also the food was amazing, simple, healthy and delicious. If you are in search of an ashram, this is definitely the one! Thank you Sandeep and all the stuff šŸ™šŸ»