Embrace your femininity – Cycle synchronization and hormonal well-being

Do you experience fatigue, irritability, irregular cycles, heavy bleeding, anxiety, infertility, low sex drive, food cravings or just feel really uncomfortable in your own skin?

What if I tell you that all this is related to your hormonal system? And that is possible to relieve these symptoms and balance your endocrine system without any drugs? Just changes in diet and lifestyle?

How often do you think life would be easier without your period? How often do you feel being a woman is more of a burden, because of your menstrual cycle? How often would you like to leave your body during your period?

How do you feel if I tell you that it is possible to live in sync with your menstrual cycle? That you can even use the different phases of your cycle in your daily life? That you can use the different strengths you have at different times of your cycle and plan your projects according to that. That you can work with your menstrual cycle and not against it?

We just have to give our bodies the support they need. We need to reconnect with our bodies, listen to the signals and align with our hormones. Re-align your food, exercise and lifestyle focus and see the changes that are possible. Embrace your femininity.


How does this work?

~ It all starts with a free discovery call. In this free consultation, that lasts about 30 minutes. Here I get a more detailed picture of your current situation and your health goals and I find out how I can help you.

~ In the second session (30-60 minutes), I will present you with an individualized plan and in this conversation you should decide if you would like to work with me or not.

~ After that our work together starts. With scientifically-based nutritional recommendations and different Yoga practices we will bring your hormonal system back into balance and find a way how to align your life with your menstrual cycle.

~ I’m based in Bali at the moment, so most of my sessions are happening online. We meet regularly on agreed dates live via video conference and you can do everything from the comfort of your home. If you live in Bali and would prefer to meet me face-to-face, I’m looking forward to welcome you at my place.

~ I will send you all documents, worksheets and step-by-step instructions with detailed explanations, so that you can prepare and follow-up on your consultation session and note down any open questions.


How long does it take?

~ The length varies from person to person. Usually I work intensively with my clients for at least 12 weeks on the elaboration and implementation of their individual diet and the health supporting techniques.


How much does it cost?

~ The price of the holistic nutritional counseling is quite individual as well. It is calculated based on the duration and number of counseling hours. I create an individual roadmap for each client depending on their initial condition and the goals we are going to work on together step by step.

~ Please note that the nutritional counseling, the way I do it requires your life-style to change. I don’t make any false promises and or give you any quick fixes. If you decide to work with me it requires your time, motivation and dedication. It is an investment in your mental and physical well-being.

I’m looking forward to guide you on your way to free your inner goddess!