50 Hours Yoga Course

This Online Yoga course is free of cost and suitable for everyone who would like to know more about Traditional Yoga. This free online Yoga course is designed to give you an understanding of Yoga and to practice at home safely. This 50 hours online Yoga course will help you to understand that Yoga is for everyone no matter the age and that it is not just physical practice. It is so much more than that. We are providing this 50 hours Yoga course to grow the Yoga community worldwide.

  • 5.0
  • 286 Enrolled
  • Instructors: Sandeep Atri, Katharina Austermann
    • Yoga Philisophy
      • Yoga, Aim and Misconception
      • Veda, Upanishads, Puranas, Mahabharata, Ramayana and Bhagavad Gita
      • Ashtanga Yoga
    • Yogic Anatomy
      • Pancha Tattva
      • Nadis
    • Asana alignments
      • Sitting Pose Introduction and Sukhasana- Easy Pose
      • Siddhasana- Accomplished Pose
      • Ardha Padmasana- Half Lotus Pose
      • Intro to warm-up
      • Makarasana- Crocodile Pose
      • Greeva Sanchalana- Neck Movement
      • Karana Sanchalana- Ear Exercise
      • Sakhanda Chakra- Shoulder Rotation
      • Mushikha Sanchalana- Fist Movement
      • Manibandha Sanchalana- Wrist Movement
      • Kahunai Namah- Elbow Movement
      • Urdhva Hastasana/ Talasana/Tadasana- Overhead Stretch / Palm Tree
      • Parva Urdva Hastasana- Sideway Stretch
      • Parivrtta Sukhasana- Torso Twist
      • Padanguli Sanchalana- Toes Movement
      • Goolf Namana- Ankle Forward and Backward
      • Goolf Chakra- Ankle Rotation
      • Janu Falak Akarshan- Knee Cap Contraction
      • Hindolasana- Leg Craddle
      • Ardha Titali Asana- Half Butter Fly Pose
      • Titali Asana- Butter Fly Pose
      • Drishti Bheda- Eyes Movements
      • Pitila Marjari Asana- Cow and Cat Pose
      • Vyaghr Asana- Tiger Pose
      • Surya Namaskar- Sun Salutation
      • Alignments of Surya Namaskar
      • Surya Namaskar With Mantra Chating
      • Tadasana- Palm Tree/ SimpleS tanding Pose
      • Sam Konasana- One Angle Pose
      • Alignements of Sam Konasana
      • Dwi Konasana- Double Angle Pose
      • Alignments of Dwi Konasana
      • Tri Konasana- Triangle Pose
      • Alignments of Tri Konasana
      • Dandasana- Staff Pose
      • Chaki Chalanaasana- Churning the Flour Milling
      • Gomukhasana- Cow Face Pose
      • Navasana- Boat Pose
      • Shava Udarkarshan Asana- Universal Spinal Twist Pose
      • Ardha Matysander Asana- Half spinal twist
      • Sarpasana- Snake Pose
      • Shalabhasana- Locust Pose
      • Ardha Ustrasana- Half Camel Pose
      • Balasana- Child Pose
      • Shashankasana – The Hare Pose
      • Janu Sirsasana- Head to Knee Poster
      • Upvista Konasana- Wide Leg Forward Fold
      • Sarvangasana- Shoulder Stand
      • Savasana- Corpse Pose
      • Anantasana- Lord Vishnu Pose
    • Anatomy and Physiology
      • Respiratory System
      • Digestive System
    • Breathing and Pranayama
      • Introduction to Pranayama
      • Breathing Theory- Natural, Abdominal, Thoracic, Collar and Yogic
      • Abdominal Breathing Practical
      • Thoracic Breathing Practical
      • Collar Breathing Practical
      • Nadi sodhana Theory
      • Nadi Sodhana Practical
    • Meditation
      • Meditation Introduction
      • Meditation - Food and Benefits of Meditation
      • Guided Meditation for Positivity
      • Guided Meditation for Depression
      • Guided Meditation for Anxiety
    • Mantra chanting
      • Mantra Chanting
      • Shanti Mantra Chanting
      • Maha Mritunjaya Mantra Chanting
      • Maha Mantra Chanting
      • Seven Chakras Beeja Mantra Chanting
    • Mudras
      • Mudra Theory
      • Vayu Murda Practical
      • Akash Murda Practical
      • Prithivi Murda Practical
      • Varun Murda Practical
      • Agni Murda Practical
    • Hatha Yoga Classes
      • Traditional Hatha Yoga With Sandeep Atri
      • Hatha Flow with Katharina Austermann
      • Traditional Hatha Yoga With Sandeep Atri
      • Hatha Flow with Katharina Austermann
      • Traditional Hatha Yoga With Sandeep Atri
      • Traditional Hatha Yoga With Sandeep Atri
      • Hatha Flow with Katharina Austermann
      • Hatha Yoga With Sandeep Atri
      • Hatha Flow Spine With Katharina Austermann
      • Hatha Yoga With Sandeep Atri
    • Yin Yoga Classes
      • Yin Yoga Class With Katharina Austermann
    • Yoga Nidra Classes
      • Yoga Nidra With Katharina Austermann
      • Yoga Nidra Heavy and Light With Katharina Austermann
      • Yoga Nidra Visualisation with Katharina Austermann
    • Meditation Classes
      • Meditation So-Hum With Sandeep Atri
      • Meditation Awareness of Senses With Katharina Austermann
      • Guided Meditation Letting go of expectations With Katharina Austermann
  • Description

    This 50 Hours Online Yoga Course includes:

    • Yoga Philisophy for understanding the real meaning of Yoga and where it came from.
    • Yogic Anatomy to give basic knowledge about electronic energy, nadi's and much more.
    • Asana alignments to give understanding how to go into pose and perform with safety.
    • Anatomy and physiology to have an undderstand and imagination how our respiratory system and digestive system working with power point presentations.
    • Breathing and pranayama to have an experience how our breath works and how it give very strong impact on our body and mind.
    • Meditation for have an experience of true self, connect to our innself and have peace in our mind.
    • Mantra chanting to feel the vibrations of mantras and turn inward from this outer world.
    • Mudras to learn how we balance our five elements with our hand gestures.
    • Asana classes to practice at home with our expereinced Yoga teachers.
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