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  • Name:

    Maria Deligianni

  • Speciality:

    Yoga Teacher and Life Coach

  • Experience:

    10+ Years

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Favorite Quote

Yoga is the journey of the Self, through the Self to the Self


Maria, born in Athens is a mother of two adult children and through a long journey of studies she has been a certified psychotherapist, yoga instructor and a Life coach. She is the founder of ''Breath of Life'' Yoga Center in Crete since 2006, the designer and the main yoga instructor of ''Breath of Life'' programs. There she runs Yoga and Meditation courses with her colleagues as well as detox, healing programs and seminars on physical and mental health. Maria has been studying the World Philosophy, discovering human evolution throughout time. She believes that theory is worth when it can be practically proven. So, she has been a long-term self- practitioner on yoga, meditation and energy psychology. She loves to share her knowledge and personal experience with people all over the world. She is always available and feels happy to provide her services to those who are ready to receive. The love and respect for the human existence is her personal commitment.

Qualification: Maria is a certified psychotherapist, yoga instructor and Life Coach.