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    Yogi Sri Hari

  • Speciality:

    Philosophy & spirituality Teacher

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    15+ Years

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Yoga is the dance of every cell in your body to the music of your every breath that creates serenity of your mind.


Sri Hari is our administrative and advisor. He teaches Yoga philosophy, Sanskrit language and is our Ayurveda expert. Hari is practicing Yoga since his childhood. Early in his life he started to study the literature of Aurobindo, Paramahansa Yogananda, Swami Vivekananda and other Indian sages in the local public library and was amazed by their lives and teachings. A brief span of government service could not tie him in the academic and administrative fields, he decided to get back to his roots - Yoga and Spirituality. He is practicing Yoga, Pranayama, shatkarma and meditation from the age of 7 has more than 300 hours professional experience of Yoga teaching and training. Hari believes that knowing how and why every posture impacts body, mind and spirit will connect the practitioner more with her/his inner Self. The yogic mysteries unfolded by him in a scientific and authentic way will help you to get to your best health, inner peace and happiness. You will be delighted to meet a rare combination of a cool, sensible, humorous and intelligent scientific healer Guru.

Qualification: Apart from hid vast knowledge of Indian philosophy, culture religion and spirituality (which he acquired through lifelong self-learning), he professionally attained a post graduate degree in Yogic Science from Rishikesh and is trained in Ayurveda (from Red Cross Society of India), astrology, indian heritage (sanskrit Academy Delhi) and massage (from Uttarakhand Open University).